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Human Ken Doll Reveals What He Looked Like Before All The Surgery

Rodrigo Alves has achieved a certain amount of online infamy as a result of the choices that he has made. The man has decided to undergo dozens of surgical procedures in hopes of transforming himself into the human Ken doll that he has always wanted to become. He is not even close to content with his current progress and plans to have several more surgeries in the years to come.

He recently decided to take his Instagram followers behind the curtain. Rodrigo wanted to show the world what he looked before he elected to go under the knife so many times. It is believed that Rodrigo has spent upwards of $500,000 in order to alter his appearance this drastically. He says that these surgeries are all a part of his journey to perfection.

The reason for his desire to change stems from his body dysmorphic disorder. This disorder causes people to look into the mirror and see something completely different than the rest of us. It has caused Rodrigo to develop a view of his own body that is horribly distorted. It took a year of treatment before he was finally willing to face the facts.

The doctors believe that the man is perfectly sane. However, they do believe that he is struggling with a mirror related issue. Some of us simply cannot accept the image that stares back at us and this causes a number of different issues. He feels as if he was not born into the proper body. This is a feeling that was exacerbated by all of the bullying he experienced as a child.

Rodrigo first began to receive plastic surgeries at the age of 17 and has not looked back since. He will continue his search for the world’s best surgeons and he will stop at nothing until he has achieved the look he desires. In Rodrigo’s mind, this is simply the process of peeling back all of the layers and finding the truest version of himself.

We are glad that he has been willing to provide insight into his choices. We also love to see his old photos. While Rodrigo was certainly a handsome young man before all of the surgeries, it is his right to pursue any cosmetic enhancements available to him. We would like to take this time to wish Rodrigo all of the best in his upcoming journey. He deserves it!

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