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Weirdest Things People Have Done In Public

There isn’t a person alive that has gone and done something idiotic at least once in their life. Why do these stupid things, we haven’t a clue? But we don’t want to admit that act of stupidity we have done. In life, we see people that have extraordinary minds make the stupidest mistakes. Everyone has acquaintances that are super smart but lack the basic common sense. You may buy a fast-food sandwich and eat it in public without closing your mouth. You look like a slob in front of everybody.

However, you don’t care. Hunger pains drive you to act silly. We even have a city that is known for people doing stupid things. Ever hear of the saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?” People do things for the sheer satisfaction that it makes them feel good. It’s the thrill of the chase that makes us do stupid things. Dopamine in our brains causes a warm sensational feeling and people can get addicted to this type of pleasure. Being completely stupid about activities that you might do is somewhat of an obsession with people. Individuals have the attitude of, “What the hell!” Stupid things are done by people all of the time, not just once but multiple times. Criticism often comes about as other people think, “How dumb!”


Lots of individuals sing in public bathrooms because of the hard walls. It makes for a pleasant sounding acoustic environment. The singing bounces off of the walls and back again, returning deep into the sound of a person’s voice. Bathrooms that have a tiny space, which is in your typical bathroom, has different kinds of standing waves, reverberation, and echoes that make the voice sound full and deep. Some people have even recorded songs in public bathrooms. Weird Al Yankovic, in 1969, recorded a single called my Bologna in the washroom across from the California Polytechnic State University student radio station where he was teaching at the time. “There’s More to Life Than This,” the fourth track on Björk’s 1993 album Debut, was recorded live in the toilets of the Milk Bar club night, London.


It was a nice day in a major town, and the weather was shining. Walking downtown, Charlie and his dog made their way across the street as a car was coming up to them. Calvin in the car slows down, and Charlie starts pointing his finger at him yelling for no reason at all. Charlie hid his face behind black sunglasses and was wearing a bright red baseball cap. Wearing a zipped-up sweatshirt and gray shorts he kept on pointing his finger at Calvin. The man walking across the road also has a beard. Not paying attention to what he was doing, he gives Calvin the finger, then Charlie walks right into a pole. Angry Charlie sees Calvin laughing at him through the window and angrily comes toward him holding up both of his fists and shouting. All of a sudden Charlie turns around and walks away like nothing ever happened.


When James was ten years old and started a new preppy school, he made a mistake that scarred him for life. Totally oblivious to how clothes talk, he picked up and put together a red and green striped polo shirt with a pair of blue and yellow plaid pants. The time period was in the 70s. Off he went to school. When arriving he suddenly found out that children can be extremely cruel. The kids called him Clash before the tears had completely dried up on those plaid pants. Thoughts were running through James’s head as he decided not to go with the more conservative look, but to where a Rambo style olive drab outfit. More and more James started going out with pattern outfits that seem to clash from a normal person’s point of view. Wearing odd colored clothes that clash seems to be the new hip thing in fashion.

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