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Grainy Footage Of “Kylie And Tyga” In A Public Bathroom Surfaces..

“Kylie And Tyga” Tape Surfaces
The day we all knew was eventually coming may be here…if you believe some grainy footage that’s floating around the internet.
A tape featuring a blonde cornrowed “Kylie” taking riding lessons on top of an Adidas-pants rocking “Tyga” inside a random restroom is making the rounds on the web…but it’s kind of hard to tell if it’s the real deal or not.
The tape is supposed to be from this November night when cornrow-rocking Kylie went to Kanye’s concert, wearing this ensemble:

However, sources close to Kylie tell TMZ that not only is this 100% not Kylie OR Tyga in this tape…but it’s lowkey hilarious because it looks like her.
The tape featured the above snaps of Kylie in that outfit for comparison, just to add to the authenticity of the “fake” footage.
OF COURSE Kylie’s going to call it fake…but is it actually them, or nah??

Do YOU think that’s lil Kylizzle?

Well, we took a peep at the clip in question…and honestly, we’re calling BS. First, it’s ridiculously grainy, which is already fishy since with any recent iPhone that would just never be the case. Secondly, the girl does really look like Kylie, unless you squint and turn away really fast. The cornrows in question are too long and the red shoes are too tall. It basically just looks like someone tried their damndest to make it look like it was the same day and location of Kylie’s snap…but it just didn’t fly.

But that’s just our opinion. You can form your own by taking a (obviously NSFW) look at it for yourself here.

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