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This Man Is About To Give Birth, But There’s One Other Thing He’s Scared Of

I know you have a lot of questions. What’s the other thing he’s scared of? Who is that guy? Who’s that other guy?

Oh, and, “How can a man be pregnant??” Why, it’s very simple.

Wyley Simpson is a transgender man. A few days ago, Wyley and his boyfriend Stephan appeared on the We TV’s digital series Extreme Love as one of the first ever cases of transgender male pregnancy.

It was as surprising to the parents as it was to the world. Testosterone treatment, which transgender men have to go through regularly, was supposed to make pregnancy impossible. But, against all odds, Wyley got pregnant. Now, they had a tough decision to make, and they decided to keep the baby.

The journey wasn’t easy, though. It involved lots of preparation, worry, and even complications. But let me tell you right away, this is one of those rare happy-ending stories.

Extreme Love

Distractify describes the main idea of the show as looking “at unconventional couples from real-life vampires to sister wives [and telling] the story of their unusual and unexpected relationships.”

Wyley and Stephan’s story is unusual all the way from their first date to pregnancy to future plans.


The episode featuring their story of accidental pregnancy aired just a few days ago on We TV.

Neither of them felt ready to have their first child, so they had a lot to worry about.

“I am scared of the pain. I’m not going to lie about that,” Wyley told Extreme Love.

At the time of shooting the episode, the couple still hadn’t started taking prenatal classes, Daily Mail reported.

“It’s a little nerve-wracking,” Stephan told Extreme Love. “It’s making it all feel like it’s about to happen. I’m like, where’s the birthing bag? We’re not ready.”

But the thing Wyley worried most about was the way they would be treated by the hospital staff.





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