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Real Life True Stories Of Children That Were Raised By Animals

This photo project about feral children has been put together by Julia Fullerton-Batten, a photographer from Germany. The following photos depict documented cases of feral children from various continents….

Lobo Wolf Girl is said to have been seen in Mexico during the 1840s, where she ate a goat with wolves and even suckled wolf cubs. She eventually disappeared completely.

Oxana Malaya’s case took place in Ukraine during 1991, when she was found living with dogs due to the thoughtless actions of her alcoholic parents. She now works with farm animals under heavy supervision.

Shamdeo was a four year old boy living in India during 1972 and when he was found in a local forest, he was subsisting on a diet of raw meat and had bonded with wolf cubs. He passed away a few years after being rescued.

Prava’s story takes place in 2008, when he resided in a two bedroom apartment in Russia and confined in a room with bird cages. He was unable to speak and communicated entirely in chirps. His rehabilitation is still underway.

Marina Chapman resided in a Colombian jungle due to a kidnapping that took place when she was only 5. From there, she was adopted by a family of monkeys before being rescued by hunters. Marina was rehabilitated and is now married with children

Social workers finally found Medina, a small Russian child, living with dogs in 2013 and the animals were all that she ever knew. Luckily, she was found early enough and is still expected to live a normal life.

The Sujit Kumar Chicken Boy was located in Fiji during 1978 and the description is quite apt. He is now believed to be alive and well, under the care of a woman named Elizabeth Clayton, who is responsible for rescuing him.

The Wild Boy of Aveyron is the stuff of legend. He was captured twice during the late 1700s and early 1800s, but was never able to behave normally after returning from his days in the wild.

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